Back to Work Address

books-pictureWith Labor Day behind us, it’s officially crunch time for all of us involved in nonprofit development. We have year-end appeals to produce, annual reports to mail, goals to meet and – if we’re real gluttons for punishment – galas to manage.

So what are you doing reading this blog? You have work to do, and not a moment to waste! Quickly then, here are five shorthand reminders of what’s really important for your Q4 fundraising efforts:

  1. Renewal is still more important than upgrading this year. Here’s an article from our website with more on this.
  2. That said, you can always upgrade a committed donor more successfully and cost-efficiently than you can reinstate or engage a lapsed donor.
  3. But it’s also more cost effective to reinstate a lapsed donor than to find a brand new one.
  4. And yet, as your donors come and go, it’s still important to invest in brand new donor acquisition.
  5. Last but not least, it’s more important for your year-end efforts to be on time than perfect. Think 90% perfect;100% on time.

Do you have any other year-end essentials to suggest? Share them here! And be sure to check back often for more year-end fundraising tips.


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