Pull Up A Chair

helloHi there and welcome to MKDM’s new blog. The Nth Factor is MKDM’s break room and whiteboard – a place for ideas and collaboration, open to everyone involved or interested in donor action and philanthropy.

We’ll be dropping by every week or so with thoughts, experiences and conversation-starters on connecting with donors – and we hope you’ll do the same. Subscribe by RSS or email, and share your own opinions and ideas for everyone in the comments section at the bottom of each post. The Nth Factor’s contributors will be the MKDM team. Some of our good friends and colleagues will be stopping by too. What’ll we talk about? You name it. Anything related to donors, philanthropy, giving and action is on the table. (Feel free to email suggestions to Topics@NthFactor.com.)

And why is this blog named The Nth Factor? Well, the nth factor is MKDM’s real-life break room term for when donors don’t “behave” according to the usual predictors of response or – these days – when they don’t do what the economy says they should be doing.

It’s when they dazzle us with seemingly limitless (“nth”) compassion and determination. It’s when they show us what they’re made of in ways we never thought possible and could have never predicted in our spreadsheets and plans. And it’s what makes us embrace every new day of doing what we do, and partnering with our clients to build a better world.

So welcome to our break room. Pull up a chair. Share your ideas and we’ll do the same. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!


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