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02/14/10 Help! My Facebook Fans Are Ruining My Brand

Last week I received a great question from a nonprofit that had recently set up a Facebook page. The organization was concerned about another page on Facebook for beneficiaries of its work because the page was run by a fan, and not the organization. Also, while the page didn’t purport to be the organization’s, it did incoporate its name. […]

09/04/09 Ask The Nth Factor … About Membership Programs

In direct response fundraising, “membership” in an organization is often a symbolic donor status, but a highly effective means of articulating and cultivating donor relationships. A donor is someone who makes a gift, but a member is someone who belongs. Membership conveys a sense of community, a basis for annual renewal and a framework for […]

08/12/09 Ask The Nth Factor … About Newsletters

I received an interesting question yesterday about reply envelopes – interesting, because it was really a question about something entirely different: newsletters. Here it is: “Our office has been debating this for a couple days and we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your point of view.” The email then directed me to a reply […]