Things That Caught My Attention This Week

There’s a lot of noise out there and so I am fast on the “delete” (or recycle) trigger. It makes me appreciate the things I notice all the more though … like these stories, emails and letters that broke through to me this week:

  1. Nonprofit management salaries. The story was in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, USA Today, on NPR, and half a dozen people emailed me the various articles they’d come across, so how could it have not caught my attention? In case you missed it, it here’s the gist: there are some people at nonprofit organizations who make 7-figure salaries. About a third of nonprofit leaders have taken salary cuts this year in light of the current economy.
  2. Seth Godin’s announcement on Tuesday that he’s doing a free seminar for good cause organizations on 10/22. You need to apply. There are 40 seats available and the deadline is 10/5. (Godin wrote a strong post about nonprofits a couple of weeks ago incidentally that’s worth checking out. Be sure to read Beth Kanter’s response to his post too.)
  3. A nice letter I got from a print vendor – and, albeit last week, an even nicer letter I got from a nonprofit. Both letters were not just genuine; they were genuinely genuine. (There’s actually a difference.) It was refreshing.
  4. The DMA Nonprofit Federation Careers E-Bulletin. There are a lot of jobs out there for direct response fundraising professionals. If you’ve received a resume from someone who seems promising, I am sure they’d appreciate you referring them to the DMANF if you don’t have any openings at your organization.

I noticed these things not because they were interesting in the general sense, but because they interested me. (And I am passing them along to you now because I think they might interest you.)

You might have noticed that I refrained from sharing my opinion on any of these. That’s because I’m more interested in your opinions:

How do you break through the clutter so that you can be interesting to the people who are interested in what you have to say?

What do you think about nonprofit salaries, Seth Godin’s seminar, or any of the other things I noticed this week?

What did you notice this week?

Of course your comments will be one more thing that catches my attention this week.


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