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rss-imageThere are many important online resources for membership development, but probably only just a few that we feel we couldn’t do without. Today, I’m highlighting some of the essential blogs, Twitter feeds, and resources that I look to for top-notch information, insight and inspiration on donor action and philanthropy:

NTEN, aka the Nonprofit Technology Network. NTEN offers extremely valuable information and insights for anyone – and definitely not just techies – interested in donor action and philanthropy today. There are many ways to be connected with NTEN (blog, Twitter, Facebook, conference, etc.), but start with the NTEN website to learn more about the organization and ways to be connected.

Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Social Media to Power Social Networks for Change. Beth Kanter is another essential voice you should listen to (the Huffington Post named her one of the 10 pioneering women in tech).

The Agitator. A must-read from seasoned direct response fundraisers. Be sure to check out The Agitator’s own blogroll.

Rosetta Thurman’s blog. Another must-read for insights on nonprofits, leadership, social change and diversity in philanthropy. In addition to the great content, you’ll find an excellent blogroll here as well, including a list of nonprofit and philanthropy blogs written by people of color.

Seth Godin’s Blog. Although not focused specifically on nonprofits, Seth Godin’s insights are required reading for anyone involved in any form of marketing –which means all of us in nonprofit membership development.

Mashable. Mashable’s focus is social media but it’s extremely valuable to anyone interested in communicating online, which means all of us in membership development too.

These are just some of the resources I find myself returning to regularly for information and inspiration. So if you haven’t already, bookmark and/or subscribe to these blogs and sites.

But there are many other blogs out there offering excellent information for nonprofits on donor action and philanthropy. What are your favorites?


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