Your March Strategic Planning Checklist: Part Two

By now you’ve wrapped up your State of the Donor File analysis. You still have just a few tasks though from your Annual Strategic Planning Calendar to complete this month:

Draft your campaign plan for the new (7/1) fiscal year. Because you’ve spent the last several months analyzing your donor file and identifying your key priorities for the new fiscal year, you’ve already done the hard work. Now focus on the details: the specific campaigns, media mix, calendar, goals and expense budgets. Get a solid draft hammered out this month, and you’ll work on fine tuning it next month.

Assess your allocation of staff resources to your campaign plan. Do you have enough resources to implement your new plan? Do you need to bring on additional resources to implement the plan successfully? This is the month to answer these questions and start thinking about identifying additional resourcesĀ if needed.

Discuss updates to vendor contracts and/or distribute RFP’s for new vendor services. If your program relies on annually contracted services, you should begin renegotiating contracts or, if applicable, soliciting proposals from potential new vendors this month.

Monitor progress toward your fiscal year end goals and adjust strategies if necessary. With all this looking ahead to the new fiscal year, don’t forget to keep close tabs on the one you’re in now. Are you going to make goal? If it looks like you might not, you should begin rapid planning for and implementation of corrective strategies.

We’ll be back in touch with your April strategic planning priorities soon. And if you have questions or comments in the meantime, post them here!



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