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02/14/10 Help! My Facebook Fans Are Ruining My Brand

Last week I received a great question from a nonprofit that had recently set up a Facebook page. The organization was concerned about another page on Facebook for beneficiaries of its work because the page was run by a fan, and not the organization. Also, while the page didn’t purport to be the organization’s, it did incoporate its name. […]

12/20/09 Our Little Facebook Experiment

Earlier this year my company decided to experiment with ways we could expand our Facebook community. We were excited by the prospect of widening our circle of friends who share our interests in donor action and philanthropy, from the arcane to the mainstream. But we were also interested in testing new options and possibilities for […]

10/12/09 Strategy First, Content and Tools Second

The saying “content is king” has long been a dictum of web design, referring to the importance of desirable, engaging information to a website’s success, as recently affirmed in this CNET report. But in nonprofit membership and constituency development, it’s strategy – not content (or message for that matter) – that rules. Don’t get me wrong; content […]