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03/21/10 Things We Think We Know

The most successful membership programs excel, in large part, because they know how to strike up the conversation with prospective donors. Instead of would you like to make a gift? great membership programs approach us with questions like: what concerns you more: drilling in the Arctic, or deforestation in the Amazon? They ask our opinions: […]

11/30/09 Snoozeletter or Schmoozeletter?

If you’re responsible for creating your organization’s newsletter you probabaly scrutizine every edition for accuracy, messaging, typos and so on. But when was the last time you sat down and read your organization’s newsletter cover-to-cover … for pleasure? Made you laugh, didn’t I?  That’s ok. Most of us are glad to forget our newsletters the moment they’re printed […]

08/12/09 Ask The Nth Factor … About Newsletters

I received an interesting question yesterday about reply envelopes – interesting, because it was really a question about something entirely different: newsletters. Here it is: “Our office has been debating this for a couple days and we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your point of view.” The email then directed me to a reply […]