What’s Your Thing?

Earlier this week I received an Evite for a friend’s birthday party with this at the bottom of the invitation:


I was already a fan of the American Cancer Society‘s More Birthdays campaign professionally, and genuinely appreciated seeing it in action on a personal level via Rebecca’s birthday invitation.

The power of the campaign is its universality. We all understand birthdays because we all have them. And, sadly, most of us have some experience with cancer. But we never really connected them before in the way that ACS has:

If you’d like more birthdays, let’s talk about having less cancer.

Powerful message. Also powerful: ACS is well on its way to owning birthdays.

If you’re asking yourself why didn’t I think of that? don’t worry. That idea is taken, but there is plenty of room for more – you just have to use your imagination.

Think about what your organization makes possible. Think beyond the literal, beyond your specific programs, outside of your official agenda. Think about the unofficial effects of your work – and then consider embracing them, as they rightly are, and as ACS has, as an important and official part of your mission.

What are the universal things that your organization makes possible? What do you think of the ACS campaign? And what other campaigns do you like? Share your thoughts below, or email us at topics@nthfactor.com.


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