Five Strategies For Motivating Year End Giving AFTER Your Year End Appeal

For many nonprofits, November 15th is the most important day of the year on the membership development calendar. It’s on or within a few days of this date that many of us send our most important direct mail solicitation of the year – the Year End Appeal. And arguably, it’s what much of our work throughout the year has been leading up to.

But once you’ve gotten this all-important appeal out, on time and error free, your work for the year is hardly over. There are still many things you can do to continue to cultivate giving and goodwill among your donors, like …

  1. Report back to your donors. Did your year-end appeal specify a goal? Why not email your donors in mid-December to let them know how you’re doing and encourage them to participate if they haven’t already, or even to give again?
  2. Build your social media presence. Likewise, keep fans and followers in your online communities postedlegacy-year-end-email on your year end goals and encourage them to participate and spread the word in their own networks. Goals shouldn’t strictly be monetary ones. For instance, in addition to asking for their financial year end support, in November the American Legacy Foundation is asking its constituents to share remembrances, reflections and stories about lung cancer and other tobacco-related issues on its story-sharing site, My Legacy Story.
  3. Announce a late-breaking, achievable challenge. With two weeks left to go before the end of the year, unveil a matching gift challenge from a high-profile donor or even an anonymous donor to motivate year end giving.
  4. Pick up the phone. Is there a donor you haven’t heard from in a while? A donor that has been especially loyal to your organization over the years that you’d like to get to know better? December is a great time to catch up over coffee with the people that make a difference in our organizations – and to let them know the difference they make.
  5. Say thank you. You’ve communicated a lot to your donors over the course of the year. But no matter what, make sure the last thing you communicate to them before the year ends is this: your gratitude.

Have any ideas or tips on year end fundraising and donor cultivation? Share them here in our comments section or email us at topics@nthfactor.com.


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