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Fundraising Day in New York 2010 is June 11. If you haven’t registered yet, I hope you will. Not only because it’s the largest one-day conference on philanthropy in the country and chock-full of valuable fundraising information for nonprofits, but because I’ll be doing a rapid-fire session in the direct response track with Dennis Lonergan of Eidolon Communications and Jeff Brooks of TrueSense Marketing and the Future Fundraising Now blog.

It’s a session called 30 Ideas in 60 minutes in which we’ll share our most innovative, results-generating direct response fundraising ideas, with a special focus on recession- and clutter-busting tactics. No abstract philosophies, no fluff, and definitely no sales pitches. Just highly concrete strategies that you can test right away in your own program.

I didn’t just bring this up as a shameless plug for FRDNY though. You see, my contribution to the 3-person panel, as the name implies, will be 10 ideas in 20 minutes. I have 9 pretty good ones. But I need one more.

So, I’m extending an open invitation to my nonprofit constituency-building friends to contribute the 10th idea. If you have a direct response fundraising idea, something you did in direct mail, email, on the web, via text, or any other direct response vehicle that really moved the dial – and results to back it up – email me directly or better yet post it here for consideration and the benefit of your colleagues.

If I choose yours as the 10th idea, I’ll credit you at the conference (of course), and on this blog. You’ll get the satisfaction of helping worthy nonprofits who will benefit from your idea. And you’ll get to help demonstrate another important idea in membership development: the power of online community.

So I hope you’ll share your ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing them – and I’ll be sure to continue sharing mine.


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  1. Moira says:

    Here’s an excellent tip just in from Mitch Hinz, via FB:

    “DON’T FOCUS ON THE MONEY! Hardest thing for fundraisiers to do. In fact, I think fundraising is part of the problem; individual markeing is merging with major donors – we’re now all ‘donor stewards’. And sooner or later the USA is going to start following the rest of the world — and where Europe has been for years — and get a focus on monthly giving. Its happening in Asia already, which is why face to face is growing so rapidly there.” – Mitch Hinz, Director, Global Membership Project, WWF International

    Thanks Mitch for sharing this terrific perspective!

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